B-Boy Abstracts

Enjoy the B-Boy Abstracts Break Beat Mix to accompany your
B-Boy/B-Girl Sculpture.



About the series- I started the B-Boy studies in 2005 but have been entrenched with real B-Boys throughout my childhood in the 70s and 80s in the South Bronx and the Upper Westside, with the infamous Rock Steady Crew. I wasn’t a dancer if not a die-hard spectator, student, and defender of the dance and dancers.

For me it is the most modern of all dances and appropriately it deserved a modern visual reinterpretation. It took years to distill the dancer you are receiving not just in form but also n theory. I hope as you live with it you will discover the many signifiers of history in it, from Hip Hop to Modernism to the African Diaspora.

Carlos Mare 2023