Re‐Coding Bboy Dance toward the Future
Carlos “Mare 139” Rodriguez Exhibition
October 20 – 28, 2017

Breaking/Algorhythms ‐ Re‐Coding Bboy Dance Toward the Future is a project
by Carlos Mare139 Rodriguez that envisions modern Bboy Dance through the
integration of advanced technologies and traditional visual practices in Drawings,
Painting and Sculpture.

Also known as Carlos Mare he is a renowned sculptor/painter who, in 1985,
pioneered a novel version of urban graffiti as modernist sculpture. Inspired by his
association with the early Hip Hop Bboy breakdancers, namely the infamous Rock
Steady Crew and the works of photographer Eadweard Muybridge, Modernists like
Umberto Boccioni, Marcel Duchamp and Kandinsky whose work with dancer Gret
Palucca is where Mare found a semblance in the distillation of the body and
movement through the use of simple geometry.

Breaking/Algorhtyhms is a mixed media exhibition that is both a testimony and
an inquisition into space where art, entertainment, and technology converge.
Mare’s earlier work in drawing, painting, and sculpture will be featured, marking
watershed moments of his 32-year exploration and innovation within this space.
In his perpetual pursuit of the cutting edge, Mare’s centerpiece is the result of a
groundbreaking collaboration with contemporary luminaries in the fields of
animation, dance and motion capture.

In his dynamic installation, Mare explores the intersection of new tech and
performance through the direction and capturing of Bboy Ynot of the legendary
Rock Steady Crew via the Rokoko Smartsuit, the first independent motion
capture body interface of its kind. Tobias Gremmler, data visualization
programmer and animator transforms the information into an emotive and
captivating visual display.

The work is a true celebration of the human innovative spirit and the foundations
of iconic Bboy Dance forms in a virtual, cerebral space. It is a glimpse into
uncharted territory, where technology, movement, and entertainment collide.Carlos Mare began his creative career during the formative years of NYC subway
painting of 1975‐1985 (the Golden Era), he was among an elite group of artists
who paved the way for the transition off subways and into the gallery world.

Exhibiting and lecturing throughout the US and Europe as a US State Department
Cultural Ambassador he lends voice to the importance of arts advocacy and art
literacy to ensure and promote the rich cultural legacy of urban arts. His most
notable work in this space is the creation of the Annual BET Award.
His works have been exhibited at The Grand Palis in Paris, The Sharjah Museum,
Pera Museum, Brighton University of Art, The Los Angeles Museum of
Contemporary Art and El Museo del Barrio in NYC.