Photo by Henry Chalfant

Thank you for collecting a piece of my art and history. The Bboy abstracts represent an18 year artistic practice and a life long love of the Break Beat and Breaking. These tracks were specially curated for you by Marlon B and are what I call the songs of The Great American Breaks Book. Classic Rock and Soul tracks that define the early years of Hip Hop Culture. A time before hip hop. I grew up listening to these tracks at school yard jams and community centers in the South Bronx, Harlem and Brooklyn. DJs like Grand Master Flash, Afrika Bambatta, Jazzy Jay, Grand Wizard Theadore and others were our local heroes, our Ghetto Super Stars. These were staple tracks that always brought out the B-Boys and B-Girls to dance within a cipher. Bboy/BGirl Abstracts represent the musical and physical symbol of the dancer and musical breaks reduced and simplified to its essence and strongest geometries.